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Soul Destination Coaching with Jenni Chadwick
Soul Destination Coaching
With Jenni Chadwick, Spiritual Life Coach

"Life is for living, and I want to empower more people to live this way.

This phrase is said a lot, but ‘life is too short’. It really is. We do not know what is around the corner, and I do not want to waste any of my life doing things that don’t bring me joy, being fake or inauthentic or settling for second best. I am passionate about following my soul purpose, learning about myself, healing, discovering, adventures and fun.


Life is for living, and I want to empower more people to live this way. You have a choice, it is all within you, you just need to tap into this power. The more people who are living soul led lives, the better place the world will be. Raising the collective energy of the world, making it a place to live and thrive. 

I love to work with clients who find themselves at a time in their lives where they want more. More from life, more than what they are doing. They may feel disconnected from themselves, living out of alignment with their soul purpose and want to make changes to their lives so that they can live a fulfilling and purposeful life. 

I have a BSc in Psychology and Primary teaching qualifications. Throughout my teaching career I have had many roles, including coordination of Special Educational Needs and being a Deputy Headteacher. I am currently working towards a Master Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Psychology, accredited by the IAPC&M.

About Me

My name is Jenni and I live with my husband and 3 girls. Throughout my whole life I have been into alternative stuff, more commonly referred to these days as woo-woo, however the term spiritual sits more comfortably with me. Growing up I loved horoscopes, visiting mediums, homeopathy, acupuncture, crystal healing, Oracle cards and more recently the Akashic records. To me, all of these things contribute to a menu of choices I have to support my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, the Four 

Pillars of Wellbeing. This was not a planned way of living, but more something I naturally fell into, was drawn to and interested in. I am curious and open minded to lots of new ideas. I do not dismiss conventional medicine or advice, but use these alternative methods alongside. So, it makes sense that I would use all this experience, knowledge and wisdom in my career as I am so passionate it all, and believe in it.


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