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Juvenile Drama 

Illustrated Victorian Toy Theatre

for Animation & Film

William Shakespeare for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre

All the World's a stage
And all the men and women merely players


The origins of the Juvenile Drama can be traced back to Robert Dighton who was the first popular artist to produce inexpensive full length coloured portraits of theatre actors in their favourite roles at the turn of the 19th Century. These proved to be particularly popular keepsakes of theatrical productions and evolved over time to become affordable printed sheets detailing all of the principle characters in a production. Further developments would embellish these by introducing more of the supporting cast along with alternative illustrated costume elements and gestural poses for the characters portrayed.


Since these character sheets became highly popular and collectable it soon followed that the scenes from the original production could also be reproduced to the same scale. Here then you had a complete drama reproduced in miniature. These sheets were normally sold for a penny plain - to be coloured up at home, or for two pence having been already hand coloured at the shop.

So what would a Juvenile Drama be without its characters? Now get to know our main protagonists from 'The Four Half-Horsemen", in penny plain form, a little better...

Vigor - Character Design for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre

VIGOR (pron. VEE-gor)

Vigor, the white rider, is also known as 'The Centaur of Gravity'. Recognisable with his laurel crown and flowing robes, Vigor carries the legendary Staff of Asclepius. The staff itself houses the mysterious 'Sphere of Density' and together they provide Vigor with a strength that belies his physique. Vigor is



charismatic, charitable and caring, often finding the time to heal the sick and infirm. He doesn't think twice about putting himself in danger in order to protect others.

Von Trooz - Character Design for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre

VON TROOZ (pron. von TROO-ss)


The Red Belgian, Von Trooz is easily recognisable by his military dress uniform. However appearances can be misleading since this rather dapper dandy, also known as 'The Centaur of Peace', wields the mighty pacifier 'The Random Axe of Kindness'. The youngest of The Four, enjoys smoking a pipe.



Von Trooz is prone to Narcolepsy during which he can experience vivid hallucination like dreams. He'll often relay these visions to Vigor who interprets them in the form of parables.

Lux - Character Design for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre

LUX (pron. LU-cks)

'The Centaur of the Universe', Lux is the black rider. The oldest and wisest of The Four, Lux could be considered the leader of the pack. Always well turned out, he is instantly recognisable by his trademark bowler hat and his other main attribute, the conspicuous 'Hornucopia'. This majestic



instrument is played by Lux to provide whatever the rest of the party need. However, the burden of years beyond his age carrying such a large instrument in the field mean that Lux is often left to conduct operations from his Observer Tree.

Bryo - Character Design for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre

BRYO (pron. BREE-Oh)


Bryo the Grey is also known as 'The Centaur of the Earth'. Elegant and demure, Bryo carries with her a pitcher of water and a basket of seed which she sows on fallow land. The other three riders perspectives of her vary between sister, mother and daughter. Creative by nature, she is often the 



instigator of plans and ideas and provides The Four with the voice of reason. She is accompanied by her loyal companion, Hope The Crow...

Hope - Character Design for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre
Grievous Kruck - Character Design for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre


Thought to be the last of her kind following a great atrocity known as 'The Stoning of the Crows'. Left for dead and blinded during the conflict, Hope found solace in the company of Bryo. Despite being blind, her homing instincts and navigation skills are second to none. Since being rescued 



she serves Bryo loyally and acts as a messenger and courier as well as providing useful reconnaissance for The Four.

GRIEVOUS KRüCK (pron. Gree-Vus Crook)

The Premier of Primaterra and main antagonist of The Four. Everything they stand for, he / she / they (nobody knows for sure), opposes. Constantly feeding their over inflated ego with the ceremonial Golden Spork and Platter, they rarely venture outside. They can usually be found on their 



throne in the Kunst Kabinet Office at 101 Descension Row. Supported by Billy Scapegoats, they introduce strict measures and policies enforced by the much feared Psy-Cops.

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