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Juvenile Drama 

Illustrated Victorian Toy Theatre

for Animation & Film

Edgar Allan Poe for Juvenile Drama Toy Theatre

Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?


All narratives, scenes, names, characters, and incidents portrayed in Juvenile Drama productions are entirely fictitious. No identification with actual persons, centaurs, satyr's or other mythical beasts (either living or deceased), places, buildings, products or mythos is intended or should be inferred. Any similarities to other works of fiction (with the exception of those directly quoted) are purely coincidental.

No person or entity associated with any Juvenile Drama production has ever received a payment, anything of value, or entered into any agreement in connection with the graphic depiction of any product, person(s) or place. Yet.


No paper animals or children, mythical or otherwise were hurt in the making of any Juvenile Drama production.

The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in any Juvenile Drama production belong solely to those characters who deliver them and are intended to be used purely as plot devices. They in no way represent, or should be inferred to represent the views, thoughts and opinions of the author(s), the Juvenile Drama organisation, or any other committee, group or individual.

Juvenile Drama would like to remind viewers of all productions that the content, whilst intending to amuse and entertain, may actually fail to do so. Similarly, any offence caused is likely to be unintentional. The company would like to apologise  in both instances, however we offer no guarantee's.

On behalf of The Board of Toy Theatre Directors at Juvenile Drama,

Dr. Johannes van der Chaardvark

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